Friday, October 30, 2009


Since India I've already been abroad again. Bish and I had a wonderful long weekend in Barcelona. We went on one of these Israeli deals. Excellent price, good central hotel B&B, transport from and to airport, good weather. And Barcelona is so lovely.

This was our first real holiday abroad together for years and years. You'll remember Bish hates flying.

No photos. Bish hasn't downloaded them yet. Grrrrr.

And now Bish is back studying, so it's no more holidays for a while. But now foreign parts are an option, I'm already scheming for his next summer break.

So shoot me

I know I promised a continuation of the India story, but I don't really want to go there right now. It is said that the best teachers are people you have difficulty with, because they teach you important things about yourself. In that respect the India trip meditation teacher was an excellent teacher.

But I also have to credit him for getting me back into my Buddhist practice in a big way. That's why i don't seem to have much to say lately. You may have noticed. Infact. you may so much have noticed that you are probably reading this in about five months time, thinking "I wonder if Imshin is still alive" and popping in to see. (I'm still alive now. Don't know about in five months time, let alone this afternoon)

Soooo, it appears I am once again a non-leftie, non-pacifist Joo Boo. One of the elite few. I think. This might possibly even be a group with one member. We don't advertise ourselves, being such tiny downtrodden minority.

Hang on, I do know another one. Phew.

Hey, maybe I should change the name of the blog. How about "The Errant Joo Boo (struggling with the first precept, provincially)"?