Monday, November 18, 2002

My blog the Golem
I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed by all these lively discussions on my comments. I realize that I have a certain responsibility for the content of the comments because it’s my blog. So behave yourselves, you lot! Oh, and please don't use my comments for dealing in illegal substances or inciting to violence (not that this has happened yet, as far as I've noticed, you've all been very good). Or else ;-)

I find the discussions interesting and often eye-opening. Many propose points of view I hadn’t though of and remind me of pieces of information I had forgotten (or didn’t know).

But sometimes I feel rather detached from them. It’s like: you kids feel free to chat among yourselves while I sit here quietly and stare out into oblivion. This will sometimes happen to me when I’m sitting with a group of “real-life” friends. I lose track in the middle of a discussion and then I tend to either daydream; go check up on the bookshelves (if I’m in someone else’s home); wander into the kitchen and end up helping the host/ess with the tasties; strike up a rival conversation or watch the smaller kids playing (usually most rewarding). Bish (who is much nicer than me) wonders why we’re never invited again.

Then again, my latest post about Hebron was a direct result of a thread of comments on the subject, so my hazy detachment obviously has its limits.