Saturday, February 21, 2004

No cause for alarm, but thanks for the concern.
Commenters on Asparagirl’s new site think we shouldn’t be in such a rush to give back our gas masks. Fear not, my friends, the army promises that even after they have recalled the seven million* gas masks, they will still be available for us, should we need them again in a hurry. It’s just that they won’t be cluttering up our usually smallish dwellingses**.

*I’ve been wondering about that – if there are six and a half million of us, and there are seven million gas masks (Hebrew link) out there, what happened to half a million gas masks? Were they all lost? Good grief! Actually, on a personal basis, this is quite an uplifting thought. It means that I am not the most irresponsible person in the country, after all. I never lost even one, and I’ve got four to look after. Some of them could have been sold to Palestinians (to be used in violent mass demonstrations, should tear gas be employed), or to foreign workers (who had to give a deposit for theirs). Still, half a million sounds a lot for that. Even Israel doesn't have that many crooks (although some might not see selling them as an ammoral act). No, far more likely people left them at the back of "boydems" when they moved apartment, didn't take them with them when they left home on reaching adulthood, or neglected to give them back posthumously (some people have such a nerve).

**More bloody foreigner-ness.