Monday, August 16, 2004

Done it!
At long last we’ve done the shopping for the new school year. Every year I get the school books ready at the beginning of July, but somehow this year I didn’t get round to it, and suddenly it was August.

It’s not really so bad. I fax the list to the book store and the next day they call to tell me it’s ready. This morning I was there at seven o’clock sharp, so as not to have to queue. Then we went to Office Depot to get supplies.

We used to go to Dyonon, the university store, at the end of August, which was always awful. I get very uptight in small crowded places and Dyonon is certainly that at this time of year. Office Depot on Yigal Alon Road was very pleasant. There is a multi-story car park there, very civilized, and the choice of exercise books was much to my daughters’ approval. Youngest got everything with something called Pucca, whatever that is.