Monday, September 06, 2004

Shoosha wasn’t well last week. Eldest was the first to notice something was wrong. “Ima, you can see she’s not happy. She's not smiling at all.” What? She never smiles.

She just lay on the kitchen table with her head on a kitchen towel for two days. Even the pigeons in the window didn’t interest her.

I am ashamed to say I took the worst kind of advantage of her pitiful condition. For two days she received an abundance of TLC, all the strokes and hugs she usually wouldn’t hear of. She wasn’t actually unhappy about it. She may be a tough little Israeli street cat, but when one is ill one needs ones Ima.

She’s better now. Must have been one of those 48 hour things. No doubt my TLC did the trick.

Look at that face only an Ima could love.
Shoosha again
People who have met her actually say she is better looking in real life. Not very photogenic, like her old lady.


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