Saturday, June 20, 2009

Shoosha is leaving us today

Shoosha has never been a very happy cat. We tried to give her the best home we could, but we had no experience and didn't do a very good job. Things got worse and worse, even after the behavioral counselling. Her aggressive behavior, mainly towards Bish, has made life increasingly unbearable for him and she has to go.

We are lucky that the wonderful people at the Girgurim cat sanctuary are willing to take her in. The girls and I will be taking her over there this afternoon. A sad day for us (but not for Bish who is relieved).

Girgurim are looking for a loving home for her - it has to be people with experience with cats, no kids and no babies, and who are willing to be assisted with behavioral counselling for her, and possibly daily medical treatment as well. Please ask any big-hearted cat lovers you know.
I will miss her company and our little chats, even though they tended to be rather onesided. It will bw most difficult for Eldest, who was always her favorite human. But even she realized that there was no choice.

We hope she will find a nice home, and be happier. And even if she has to stay at the sanctuary, maybe she will be happy there.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Some personal news

My father has passed away.

I started blogging in June 2002 when my mother was very ill. Among other things it was a means of coping with what was happening. The intensity of obssessive blogging was good for muffling the feelings I couldn't cope with. She died in November 2002.

This time around I couldn't cope with blogging at all. Funny that, isn't it? My mother's illness got me chattering and my father's - shut me up. But then, I have changed a lot from then to now. Changed and not changed.

One day about a fortnight or so ago, I was with my father and he was at his computer. Even checking up on his mail had become far too confusing for him, this man who had always been so capable, independent and sharp. And he wouldn't let me help.

Suddenly he was in my blog. But he was just staring at the screen blankly. He obviously couldn't make the words out, or couldn't remember what he was doing. It broke my heart.

Please whoever is reading this take care and be well.