Tuesday, July 16, 2002

I don’t regard her as a credible or impartial source of information, but…
It’s worth reading Amira Hass in today’s Haaretz showing some interesting Palestinian views on suicide bombers. Little Green Footballs also comments on this.

And this here is
another look at Jihad.

Life’s no bed of roses
I was saddened yesterday by Dawson Speaks melancholy musings (but I found it difficult to read him today with all those gruesome photos of Palestinians lynched by fellow Palestinians. Don’t you look, Mum, it’s not for you).

This morning I heard Boaz Shabo talking on Israeli radio (reshet bet). He’s the father of the family in Itamar that was slaughtered on June 20th.

This guy lost his wife, three of his children, his home, and two of his surviving children are recovering from injuries. His son’s leg was amputated above the knee and he’s starting his rehabilitation process. He and his four surviving children are living with relatives, at the moment, but are going to move into rented accommodation soon, because he doesn’t want to be a burden. He’s looking towards starting anew. But he’s worried about how he’ll manage with the laundry. He says there’s a limit to what his daughter can do, she has to go to school, after all.

He was on the radio because a Greek guy, who happened to be in Israel at the time of the attack, is donating him money (I didn’t notice how much).

You know, he just talked. He didn’t complain. His voice didn’t break. He just described things as they are. If you didn’t listen to what he was saying you would never have guessed.


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