Tuesday, July 16, 2002

Mary Lou White sent me this, hoping it might help me with my laundry problem:

“Hamper Malfunctions During Parents' Absence

YUMA, AZ-- Daryl Judge has been alone in his parents' house since they left on a European vacation on January 2nd. It was at about the same time that his clothes hamper began to malfunction. "The hamper had worked fine until recently," said Daryl, 22. "I have been putting the clothes into it, like I usually do, but they aren't getting clean. Normally, [the clothes] would be in my closet by now." Daryl was unable to contact his mother, who was maybe more familiar with the hamper's operation. Coincidentally, Daryl has noticed similar problems occurring with the dishwasher and the garbage disposal, both of which were working prior to his parents' departure. He also suspects that the refridgerator may not be refilling itself with food.”

Do you think Mary Lou is trying to tell me something here?


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