Friday, July 04, 2003

Happy Fourth of July to all American readers of Not a Fish. And thank you, United States of America, for being a friend to Israel.

By the way, I'll be throwing a Fourth of July party over at Allison's. You're all invited. (Don't worry, she'll never know. She's in VENICE and she's left me to look after the place. How naive these American Israelis are...)

Update: Maybe not so naive. She didn't leave me a password. Party's off. Tomorrow night Eldest is having a party (unrelated to US Independence Day) in our air raid shelter, though. If you don't mind mixing with a few dozen twelve-year-olds (who also happen to be brusque, obnoxious Israelis) you could crash that (Masochist).

Update update: Got the password from Matt of Blogmosis. Let the festivities commence!


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