Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Peace on Palestinian TV.
Just after I went to bed last night, Bish called me to see something on Channel One's late news. I missed most of it, but by the time I got to the living room they were showing what looked like a pro-peace broadcast that had apparently been aired on Palestinian TV. What I managed to see was children singing about peace in Arabic. You know, gooey stuff. Bish said that at the beginning they showed a child dressed up as a Jewish ultra-religious boy (with long side locks) singing a song about peace. Nice. I can't find any links to it.

While searching I found this, though. Also nice. "Four Israelis and four Palestinians are to make a joint assault on a previously unclimbed mountain in the Antarctic Peninsula later this year". The project is being sponsored by an Israeli businessman who lives in Germany.

Hope we get more gooey stuff as times go by, and not more of the other stuff. One down. Next stop school textbooks and curricula.

Update: With reference to Pal TV, Micol tells me not so nice. Sigh.