Monday, September 01, 2003

10 things I'd like to do but don't dare
1. Quit my job. I'm coming to the end of a two and a half week vacation from work. It's been heaven. I really really don't fancy going back. Moreover, I think work is highly overrated.
2. Quit my job. Did I say that already?
3. Spend Shabbat Hayei Sara in Hebron with the nutty settlers there and their supporters. I am strongly opposed to these people and their behavior. I think they should be evacuated, the sooner the better. They are serious obstacles to any possibility of peace in this region. So why am I so fascinated with the idea of spending time there? Is it just an anthropological interest or is there something more?
4. Did I mention quit my job?
5. Quit my job and move to Mitzpe Ramon full time.
6. Become a foster parent.
7. Write a book. So far I've never got past the first page. I never know what language to write it in, for one thing. It's the split personality issue, you see. (Now she's started with the lame excuses again).
8. If I say quit my job again, will you hit me?
9. Shave all my hair off. (And cut off my ear?)
10. Smuggle drugs in Turkey. Just kidding, I needed a number ten.


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