Tuesday, September 02, 2003

Allison is not an axe murderer.
Eldest was rather worried about my going to meet someone I'd met through the Internet. "Isn't that a bit dangerous?" She asked me. This was one of those embarrassing moments parents find themselves in, when they are caught by their beloved children doing something they preach against. I fumbled through the situation somehow, feeling like an idiot.

I explained that I had been reading Allison's blog for a long time and I didn't think she could have kept it up so well, if she wasn't whom she said she was (Oh, really?). I told her that Allison had written for the Jerusalem Post for a long time and that a lot of people had heard of her, including Grandpa (So?). I said it was different for grown-ups because they had more experience in sussing people out (Yeah, right!).

By this point I was feeling rather uncomfortable.

Well, anyway, I lucked out. Allison turned out not to be a deranged serial killer. What a relief. It was fun to finally meet her in person.

I'm worried about Allison's survival instincts, though. I managed to get through the whole morning without her finding out the horrible truth about me.