Friday, October 31, 2003

Sorry I've been out of circulation lately
Actually I had a few interesting things to tell you, but just couldn't get round to it.

I've been taking an interest in Narcissistic Personality Disorder, for reasons I can't go into. Don't worry, the person I suspect of being thus afflicted, or more likely afflicting, is no one close enough to do any real harm to my loved ones or to myself, and no, it's not anyone on the Blogosphere. I do know one or two people in real life, you know. Here are some informative sites on the subject, if you're interested (and I truly hope you have no call to be).

Also, I thought it might be a good idea, after all, to take a peek at the material for a professional exam I have to take at work. Time consuming and sleep inducing.

Shabbat Shalom