Friday, October 24, 2003

Wishing to be hospitable to Lynn, I decided to help her find out what "gobble gobble" was in Hebrew. Not knowing what a turkey says in Hebrew myself, I asked Bish. He didn't know either, so I asked Eldest. She thought it was a joke, as in "I don't know. What does a turkey say?”

Bish asked to point out that a Thanksgiving turkey probably doesn't say very much at all.

Feedback: One reader points out - "It is still gobble gobble. Because turkeys do not speak English or Hebrew. They are turkeys! LOL". Good point, but how come ducks say quack quack in English and ga ga ga in Hebrew? Hebrew speaking dogs say hav hav, by the way. Can't think of any others off hand.

Someone else puts us right - "Because turkeys are indigenous to Mexico, they do not speak Hebrew.
In Spanish, they are Guajolote when living; pavo when dead. Like cattle in the field and beef on the dinner table. While they are still Guajolotes, they say, "Ayudame, Ayudame." When they become pavo, they say nothing."

So there we have it.