Saturday, January 17, 2004

Making Differences. Yes, SICK, TWISTED Differences.

I’m sorry. She’s not Snow White – she’s the Wicked Queen.

I bet the Wicked Queen had a good reason to be a wicked queen too. I bet the Wicked Queen had suffered a lot as well. I bet the Wicked Queen deserved our pity and compassion no less than the pretty woman with black hair and red lips, who murdered twenty-one people she did not know, some of them babies.

Most people who have committed horrific crimes have had excellent reasons to turn into monsters. Should we excuse and justify them all? Should they all be heroes and inspire moving* pieces of art?

No wonder the ambassador was inflamed. Read this, part of the art-work hate-work - a clear, unabashed justification of the mass murder of families having lunch together on their day off. Excuse me. I’ve got my terms wrong. Did I say mass murder? I meant heroic act of self-sacrifice.

Shame on the Swedes, for not being able to distinguish right from wrong.
* Moving in pools of the blood of their victims?