Friday, March 11, 2005

Ynetnews reads Not a Fish!
From my mail box:

Are you looking for a personal invitation before you mention us/link to us? OK, here it is....

Alan D. Abbey | Managing Director | | Israel's best news website - now in English.

You see, this is why I keep my site meter private. So people will actually think I have a large enough readership to be consequential.

If you were in any doubt, I am very pleased about Ynet having an English version. It’s about time too. I’m even pleaseder now that the managing director has sent me an e-mail, like I'm somebody.

Now how about some links to Israeli-Anglo blogs, Hevr'e? (Besides your own, that is)

Talking about mail, Bish made me a Gmail account. You can mail me at imshinj at gmail dot com