Tuesday, May 09, 2017

The Casual Anti-Semitism of Millennial Woes

Scottish alt-right vlogger Millennial Woes has published a video in which he describes a British actress who is also a left-wing activist. He debates if she is Jewish, but decides it isn't relevant because she isn't obsessed with breaking, deconstructing and dismantling Western and British society, which he apparently believes is what Jewish academics do ('stereotypically', as he pointed out in reaction to my comment, as if this makes his way of thinking any better).

I don't think he even begins to understand how horrible this statement is. Where do people get these ideas from? I think in his case it is probably from Kevin MacDonald, an alt-right academic who has some really nasty theories about Jews, that he seems to have put together from misunderstanding some stuff about Jews and Judaism, some of it true, most of it exaggerated and taken out of context. 

“…The father wrote a TV series that was about Jews, that implies, that suggests to me that he himself was Jewish which therefore means that his daughter would be in some sense, I don’t know whether she would identify as Jewish, I don’t know if she would be considered Jewish unless the mother was. I don’t know. Erm, but, that’s kind of, I don’t know whether it’s relevant because the fact is this girl, this woman, her persona online today, doesn’t seem Jewish. It seems absolutely gentile, champagne socialist. Now, what I mean by that is she doesn’t seem obsessed with breaking things down. You know, in the stereotypical Jewish academic way. It’s not that she’s trying to destroy our society, on the contrary, I think she’s very much wedded to the comfort that she enjoys, erm, and actually, I think what she is obsessed with is not deconstructing, dismantling, Western society, or British society, I think she’s obsessed with being better than the plebs, being better than everyone, being more sophisticated, more educated, more informed, than everyone else, which I think is the prime motivation  for the champagne socialist.”