Sunday, August 25, 2002

Fire near the northern border.
From Ha'aretz updates:
“13:28: Hezbollah anti-aircraft shells fired near Lebanese border cause fire to break out near Kfar Yovel, no injuries.” (I can't find a Kfar Yovel in my atlas, but there's a place called Yuval, right on the border, a little west of Maayan Baruch and the Snir (Hatzbani) River).

From the updates in the Hebrew Haaretz website: “15:53 a fire is raging in the Hatzbani (Snir) River Nature Reserve. Fire fighters and Nature Authority rangers are trying to overcome the blaze”.

The two fires may be connected. I was in that very Reserve just four days ago. Remember those booms I heard?

It's so beautiful there, I hope the fire isn't doing too much damage.

I see the Jerusalem Post has something about it, too.


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