Sunday, August 25, 2002

Ha'aretz’ Doron Rosenblum doesn’t think the polls are anything to go by.
According to him, the real reason people aren’t out demonstrating against the government is “a kind of spiritual curfew”. He maintains that, “As in a time of plague, the majority cloisters itself behind closed curtains”. He sums up that “this is how life looks after the total, sweeping victory of the pessimists, brutes, low-brows, and thoughtless louts from the two sides”. It’s always very effective to insult those you mean to persuade. This pessimistic, low-brow brute is full of gratitude to Mr. Rosenblum. My eyes are opened! I will cease from being a thoughtless lout, from this moment on, and will immediately go join those seven brave demonstrators in front of the Defense Ministry!


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