Friday, February 14, 2003

Important message: Don’t read the following if you want to keep the sweet and demure image of me.

I am not a human shield or Confessions of a recidivist war tourist
Look what Charles Johnson came up with. A blog written by a “Peace Activist” in Baghdad. He says he’s not a human shield and explains that those cute little Iraqis just “don’t quite understand the idea of apolitical peace activism”. He says this after being manipulated into taking part in a get together of Yemenite students, which turned out to be a militaristic hatefest with three year-olds toting guns and chanting war slogans. He says his new “friend” Mahmoud translated the chants for him, but I strongly suspect he didn’t get a very accurate translation. He realized he was being exploited (sharp as a knife, that one) but took solace in the fact that his group “is such a non-issue to the US press”, that no one will know of his disgrace. Unfortunately for him, I actually did see a newsreel about this and wondered how the Westerners present, who were introduced to the viewers as human shields, weren’t totally disgusted with themselves.

He says he belongs to something called IPT. I suppose I’ll have to read the whole blog to discover what this stands for (or google) and it’s just time for my Friday afternoon shloff, so I’ve got some hypotheses of my own:
I’m a Perpetual Troublemaker? Idiotic Presumptuous Twits? Interfering Pietistical Terrorist-appeasers? I-love Predacious Tyrants? Indian Pteridology Trekkers? Isn’t Psoriasis Terminal? OK, now you’re being silly, Imshin.

It’s probably something unimaginative like International Peace Troops. No sense of humor this lot (Humor? You call that humor?).

Silly me. It’s on the right side column: Iraq Peace Team.

As I see it, the real Iraq peace team is building up forces in neighboring countries right now.