Friday, June 11, 2004

Lately I haven’t had anything good to say about anything. I have disliked everything I have managed to put into writing. In such a state it is better to keep quiet.

Here’s a little contribution to the Comfortably Ugly collection

And here are some unconnected snaps I took at the beginning of a little tour I took with work to the shiny new Terminal 2000 of Ben Gurion Airport. Not very interesting, but I like them.

All taken before the sinking feeling started setting in. I was initially immensely enjoying the interior design of the place. Gradually I began to realize that the concept was all wrong. A week later I am still slightly in shock.

I had been under the impression that the idea was to build something that would eventually serve as a travel center for a peaceful Middle East. Apparently not. They seem to be building a shopping mall with an airport.

My sad verdict: A very expensive white elephant. I can’t see how it is any improvement on the old place, besides being more modern and more flashily designed, and besides being bigger, not in a clever way, but in an opulent, ostentatious way. I dearly hope I prove to have been very mistaken.

Monday is the grand opening celebration. Don’t ask me why. They say they’re not starting to use it before November. I’d be surprised if they even made that deadline.

[See what I mean about not having anything nice to say?]