Thursday, June 24, 2004

Well, lifeguards back to work, Eldest finally got to the beach this morning. She walked there with a friend (“Take a hat, and plenty of water, and put sunscreen on before you leave, and make sure to always walk on the side with the shade… nag, nag, nag…”) and was amazed how quickly they got there.

By the time she gets fed up of the beach/pool/beach/pool routine and she’s seen all the new films, which should happen round about next week, she’s starting an art class, two mornings a week. The teacher is my art teacher from my heavenly Tuesday evening class, so it should be fun. She manages to give her classes a wonderfully accepting and encouraging atmosphere. I think Eldest is mainly going because she can see how much I love it.

So if any of you have teenage kids, seventh grade and over, who think they would enjoy being creative in such a warm environment during July, and have no problem reaching the north Dizengoff area (somewhere between Pe’er Cinema and Nordau Bvd.) for a few hours twice a week (late in the morning, they won’t have to get up early), send me an e-mail (imshin at bigfoot dot com) and I will give you more details.