Tuesday, April 08, 2003

General strike starts tomorrow
I'm hoping if I don't think about it it will go away, that's why I haven't been writing about it.

The girls have started their Passover holiday already. The teachers only work half days but they still need a two-week holiday before Passover to clean and prepare the Seder. Their lives are so hard.

I'm not among those striking, by the way.

Update: Histadrut (union) chairman Amir Peretz just said on channel 1 TV that he'll postpone the strike for 24 hours while he negotiates with treasury minister Netanyahu. I don't like him. Peretz that is. If Netanyahu manages to get us out of this economic mess we're in, I may very well vote for him next time around (Did I really just say that? I can't believe I just said that).