Wednesday, April 30, 2003

My first thought was that they'd got it wrong, when I opened my door to reach down for the newspaper this morning. The headline was that there had been a terrorist attack in Tel Aviv, while I had been sleeping, in a pub right next to the US embassy. At least 3 dead, 35-50 wounded. Looks like someone was sending a message to Abu Mazen.

Tuesday's attack came only hours after the Palestinian parliament voted to approve the new cabinet presented by Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen). In his inaugural address, Abu Mazen indicated that his new government would move against militia groups and he called for an end to "terrorism," which he said had not served the Palestinian cause.

...not because it was wrong, but that goes without saying. Why the inverted commas for "terrorism", I wonder? Has Haaretz been taking lessons from Reuter's?

Considering the location, the message was definitely for the US, too.

This is the place that got blown up. The URL was on my sitemeter. One of those weird mistakes that happen on sitemeter.