Friday, May 30, 2003

I haven't forgotten Yigal Amir, Diane. Nor Baruch Goldstein. Nor many others who can never accept giving up parts of the Land Of Israel, whatever may be waiting on the other side. But I also remember many right wing friends of mine eventually being swept along with the magic of Oslo and voting for Ehud Barak. No, he wasn't exactly a supporter of Oslo per se, was he? But he had ideas that could take us to good places, we thought, and voting for him was the result of a process these people and many others had been going through, of moving towards an understanding of what could be accomplished here, of starting to hope. Today most Israelis understand the price that will have to be paid. And they accept this price, if they can be convinced that the other side is willing and trustworthy.

The Palestinians seem to have been moving in the opposite direction.