Sunday, May 25, 2003

I'm off this morning. Last night I had a minor trauma because my palm had appeared to have died. Replacing it, keyboard and all, is quite an expense, especially as a keyboard with Hebrew costs about three times as a keyboard without Hebrew (why is that?). Anyway, I had sadly prepared pen and paper to take to Eilat, thinking about the bore of having to type anything I wrote out afterwards (I'm such a brat). This morning palm is up and running again. Pen and paper are thankfully back in the drawer. I hope Bish hasn't placed an order yet.

Some people have been asking me to save Israel by saying something (this way or that) about the Road Map (sorry about the cynicism, uncalled for, but heartfelt). Maybe when I get back. What difference does it make what I think? No one cares what I think. The big guys will just have to sort it out. That's what they're there for. And we'll just go on dodging people who look like they're going to blow themselves up and hoping for the best, thank you very much.

See ya.