Saturday, May 31, 2003

On Thursday Our Sis and I went to see Bat Sheva Dance Company's latest - "Mamootot". We often go and see Bat Sheva. The first thing of theirs I saw was Ohad Naharin's "Anaphasa", of course, which is something else and not to be missed if it comes your way (unless you really really can't stomach abstract modern stuff, and even then it's worth a try). Mamootot was not Anaphasa but very powerful nevertheless. It kept surprising and brought up various emotions, quite amazing considering there were no lighting effects or any other effects for that matter and even the costume was uninteresting. The music was eclectic, sometimes dull and sometimes exciting and fun ("Was that Bob Dylan in Japanese??"). Most of all, the interaction with the audience was fascinating (and not at all embarrassing as we feared).

This was apparently their first piece with Ohad Naharin not as artistic director, if I understood correctly, but it had his fingerprints all over it and the program (distributed afterwards) called it "Mamootot by Ohad Naharin" (so I don't get what's changed, but never mind).

There goes my cred as a lowbrow.