Friday, May 23, 2003

Six months, next week.
Hebrew date - Sunday (kaf gimel); Gregorian date - Wednesday (twenty eighth).

Remember that big exam Youngest did, Mum? You know - she and Bish didn't come to your stone-laying because she had to do the exam? No, you wouldn't remember that, would you? Well anyway, she passed it. You'd have been so proud.

Eldest is getting so grown up. She's been forcing me to do "mother" things, like take her to the hairdresser, the orthodontist, the eye doctor (she has started to ask about contacts). She even managed to get me to get a haircut myself, Mum. I finally did it. Can you ever forgive me for not doing it before you died?

Yesterday I went to Kitan and bought Eldest something that you told me you wanted to buy her, when you were already very ill and giving yourself future goals to keep you going (Yes, I knew that was what you were doing). At the checkout I was served by that cashier you used to know. You always loved Kitan.

Please say to me you are looking down and you can see, and then maybe it won't hurt so much, not being able to tell you.

Do you remember that time we went to Kitan and you bought me loads of clothes (a good day's shopping that was, I still wear them all), and then we crossed the road for a spaghetti lunch and you told me how much you missed Grandma and thought about her every day?