Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Ehud and Nava Barak have separated. Bish took it badly. You'll remember he is Barak's sole remaining fan. Now we have only to speculate, after 34 years of being the good supportive wife of an absent soldier and later politician, bringing up the girls on her own (well, I wouldn't stand for it), did Nava realize that she didn't really like him all that much once she was lumped at home with him all the time? Or is it quite the opposite? He is making sounds of staging a comeback – you know the score, he's lost weight, he's suddenly got an opinion on every subject under the sun, and he's being interviewed all the time, he's started talking about being a reserve soldier and that he'll come back if he's needed. We went through all this a year and a half ago with Bibi Netanyahu. This is a bit like a summer rerun. But no one would be devastated if Bibi dropped Sarah. No one can stand her. Nava is another matter. Which brings me back to supposition no. 2. How does this sound? Having tasted the good life (A husband at home and a normal family life, something hitherto unknown to the long-suffering Nava), she has at long last put her foot down. "It's me or politics, choose, one or the other." Barak, never the sentimental one shows Nava the door. Typical.

Or maybe she's met someone better looking. Or maybe he has.

Enough gossiping. Bish rather sees him as a role model. I hope he doesn't get any ideas.