Monday, August 04, 2003

Hudna log
This afternoon I took the girls to buy some things for school. New bags, pencil cases, notebooks, pens and pencils. The girls are very happy. Mum always used to like buying the girls' school bags. They used to go to stay with her and Dad for a few days and come back with their shiny new bags.

It was eight months last week. Life goes on, but the ache in my heart doesn't seem to be lessening.

The Hayoun family from the Jerusalem suburb of Har Gilo was on the way home from a summer trip to Sinai. They were nearly home after the long drive, when Palestinian terrorists opened fire on them. The mother was badly wounded. Her nine-year-old daughter was also injured. Yasser Arafat's Fatah has taken responsibility.

An American tourist has gone missing now. A 19 year-old student, Eliezer Zusia Klockhoft.

More attacks are planned, according to Israeli intelligence.