Friday, August 29, 2003

Sorry to go on and on about this, but
I'm still rather dumbfounded about why the teachers backed out of the strike so early. I reckoned they would make us suffer until Sunday morning (first day of school), at least. Ben Shabbat, the previous chairman of the teachers' organization, would have, he was the master menace of all times. Maybe that's why he's now awaiting trial for fraud and bribery, having bought a university degree for money without studying (And that's maybe why it felt like Hannukah to most parents when he was arrested. Oh, it was Hannukah?). Maybe Yossi Wasserman, the new guy, does actually have a conscience. What a refreshing change. There's hope yet. After all, Bish is a politician too, and he's nice. Well, he doesn't actually wield as much power as the head of the biggest teachers organization in the country.