Friday, August 01, 2003

I got spam from someone who wants me to buy a Maserati from him, isn’t that sweet?

What do you say? It looks like this is the only color they offer. Not crazy about it. I see it's a steal at 99,000 euro, before Israeli customs. At that price you'd think they could offer it in rose pink.

How would it look all covered in muck, inside and out, which is the natural state of all my cars, do you think? Last time I washed my current car, for instance, was a day before the last sandstorm. There just didn't seem much point after that. It's like making the bed, such a waste of energy. I'm actually quite proud of this permanent reminder of the yellow desert wind, every time I get into my once white chariot.

By the way, I reckon if he can send me spam, I can steal his photo.