Monday, May 03, 2004

I haven’t been writing about the Likud Party disengagement referendum, because I couldn’t understand why they were having it and what it meant, and the truth was I didn’t want to understand. But the results of the referendum are extremely fuzzy-brain inducing. It somehow doesn’t seem credible that a small bunch of people, representing no one, elected by no one, should decide for all of us on such a question. And I certainly don’t have clarity of mind to think about the political implications.

I haven’t been writing about the disengagement at all, regardless of the referendum, because I really don’t know what to think about it.

Of course, I am in favor of getting out of that hellhole, and the sooner the better. But I’m not sure if the time is right. We’re in the middle of a war of terrorism and psychological pressure. Is this really the time to be displaying what will probably be interpreted by the other side as weakness, and as a sign that terrorism is successfully wearing Israel down?

And I’m not sure if I trust the people, who would be running the show, to handle the actual details and logistics of an evacuation of civilians in hostile territory properly. This is very crucial. If they did this wrong, it could be so horrible and so traumatic that it would make things far, far worse for a long time to come.

On the other hand, maybe it would serve as a jolt, a turnabout that would make a big difference, the start of a move in a better direction. There is always the hope that it would be understood by the Palestinians as a step of good faith after all. Even if it wouldn’t be, at least it would get us out of there, and save lives of soldiers and civilians in the short run, and the majority of Israelis would sigh with relief.

The idea feels good, it feels right, but maybe that feeling is just impatience, a yearning for it to end already, regardless of sensible reasoning?

I don’t know and I can’t be bothered to think about it.

And I haven’t been writing about the mother, her four daughters, and her unborn baby, who were slaughtered, so brutally and heartlessly, yesterday, because I haven’t had the energy to engage in the mental effort required for writing about such horrors (Via Allison).

Tomorrow morning I am going away again till Thursday. See you then.