Saturday, May 01, 2004

There is freedom in underachievement!
I love Allison’s crude analogy about blogging.

I confess occasional frustration in having finally found something I can do reasonably well, without being able to translate it into money. According to Allison, to do so would be whoring myself.

And I feel much better about my dreary job, which consists mainly of moving pieces of paper from one side of a very small room to another. After all, someone has to do it, at least until the new computer system is ready, and it might as well be me.

I have always been slightly suspicious of our highly intelligent, obviously talented, and very talkative supermarket delivery-man. He claims repeatedly that he prefers to remain a delivery-man, because it means he doesn’t have to sell out (or various things to that effect). Finally I am starting to grasp his meaning.

Easy for me to say, moving pieces of paper around, dreary as it may be, probably pays far better than schlepping groceries, although I have no idea why.