Thursday, May 13, 2004

The Palestinian Peace Camp?
So where are they, these peace loving Palestinians? Why have they never gathered on the streets of Gaza and Ramallah to demonstrate their yearning for compromise? Or to protest brutal terrorist attacks perpetrated by their brethren? Why do they never talk of their conciliatory tendencies on television? Or in letters to the editors of newspapers? Surely they could do it anonymously, if they were afraid of retribution.

All we ever hear are accusations, anger, and indignation.

I know a lot of lovely Israelis who sincerely want to right the wrongs done to Palestinians. Many are people I know well, and I know that they mean it. They really do care. They do not make do with trying to alter government policies and to change attitudes of the general Israeli public. They also seek out opportunities to meet with Palestinians and they make a real effort to open their ears and hearts to their suffering. They listen to what they have to say. They listen with compassion and sadness and guilt.

Are there no Palestinians who are willing to listen to us?

* * * *

There is no reason to listen to you, I hear you think. You are the oppressor. But how do you know that there is no reason to listen to us, if you have never tried?


Update: "Today I saw one Jewish kid with his hands bound behind his back executed by five oppressed Arabs...