Friday, May 28, 2004

They use children to build the tunnels? Update:
I asked Elliot Chodoff from Mideast: On Target how he knew that the Palestinians were using children to build the tunnels in Rafiah, round the clock and in very dangerous conditions. This was his answer:

“I understand your discomfort about a source. In this case the source is myself. I spent some six weeks in Gaza during "Homat Magen" in April-May 2002 as a reserve officer in Ugdat Azza (Gaza Division - IJ). Without going into details, I was a consultant to the CO of the ugda. I had the opportunity to deal directly with the issue of the tunnels then and my experiences are firsthand.”

I have also noticed that Amira Hass, whom we can’t suspect of being a propagandist for Israel, also says, quoting “a Rafah merchant who ran smuggling tunnels to bring in merchandise from Egypt”, that “Only thin youths… can dig the tunnels and move through them”.

This is extremely disturbing. Can nothing be done to save these children from this cruel exploitation and abuse?