Saturday, October 26, 2002

Imshin’s gossip column. (Now I’m well on the way to getting my own TV game show).
I must be getting desperate if I’m getting my stories from Tzipora, mythical gossip of Tel Aviv local weekly rag “Ha’ir”. I just couldn’t pass up this item about Israel’s self-anointed royal family. Tzipora says that the IDF radio station, Galei Tzahal, organized a show called “Singing with Rabin”. The Rabin family demanded quite a few first row seats for family members and friends and then no one showed up except the late Yitzhak Rabin’s sister. Well, noblesse oblige. Son Yuval Rabin couldn’t have come anyway, he was busy buying a house in Washington D.C. with his wife, Tali (Bish asks what’s wrong with Mitzpe Ramon?). Daughter Dalia quite rightly refused to comment. None of our damn business.