Monday, October 21, 2002

The way it is.
I was in the post office. A guy dressed like a lawyer (white shirt, black pants), was busy talking on his cell phone. I could make out parts of his conversation. You could understand he was talking about a “pigua”. He finished his conversation and loudly updated the postal worker. We could all hear. Then he started calling other people and updating them.

No one else said a word. No one else made any phone calls. I finished my business there and went to pick up my youngest from her chess class. While there I spoke to another mother and the organizer. No one mentioned the attack. When we got home I put on the TV. Then the piano teacher arrived and I turned it off. The piano teacher had already heard.

My mother-in-law called to cancel her weekly visit this afternoon. She was afraid of getting stuck in traffic because of the attack.

A terrorist attack has become as mundane an event as a minor traffic accident. No big surprise, there had been lots of warnings. It was even in the area anticipated. Nothing out of the ordinary. Nothing more to say.


Update: Gil offers an explanation for this.


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