Monday, October 28, 2002

This I love: "The fall of Hamashbir will affect every household in Israel."
Hamashbir Latzarkhan is a very old Israeli chain of department stores, which is facing collapse. They have the gall to ask for government assistance with their sizeable debt! The amount of times I stormed out of their shops after flinging my carefully selected purchases in the direction of rude shop cashiers! This chain was unrivalled in its abominable customer service (and in Israel this is not an easy accomplishment)! The result was my refusing to even step into one of their stores for at least ten years, probably more. I rediscovered them last winter. A last minute effort to win back the shoppers? Obviously too late.

Damn right the fall of Hamashbir will affect Israeli households! This household, for instance, will be affected with my malicious delight.