Monday, October 28, 2002

Williams or Muhammad?
Mark Steyn doesn’t think the sniper story is about an "African-American male from a deprived background driven psycho by military culture."

You get the picture: sure, Muslim fundamentalists can be pretty extreme, but what about all our Christian fundamentalists? Unfortunately, for the old moral equivalence to hold up, the Christians really need to get off their fundamentalist butts and start killing more people.

At the moment, the brilliantly versatile Muslim fundamentalists are gunning down Maryland schoolkids and bus drivers, hijacking Moscow theatres, self-detonating in Israeli pizza parlours, blowing up French oil tankers in Yemen, and slaughtering nightclubbers in Bali, while Christian fundamentalists are, er, sounding extremely strident in their calls for the return of prayer in school.

I've read Chechens are Sufis. I don't think they count, do they?

Oh, and Israel is about the OCCUPATION, stupid.