Monday, October 28, 2002

Peace Stuff
A lot of my Buddhist friends will probably be going on this silent peace walk. They are going to walk for six days in Wadi Ara. This is not a very safe place. Many terrorist attacks come from nearby Jenin. I hope nothing happens to them. I don't think they'll be walking with armed guards. They tend to be pacifists. But then again, they walked from Yaffo (Jaffa) to Jerusalem in Pesach (Passover) during the climax of daily terrorist attacks and nothing happened to them. Maybe they're being protected from above.

I never took part in this sort of public activity, even when I was more involved with my Buddhist group.

Trying to promote peace aside, walking meditation is very nice. I recommend trying it. Very soothing (once you get over the first minutes of feeling self-conscious).

Update: I just reread an e-mail I got about the planned Wadi Ara walk. I was right: no guns or security guards.