Thursday, December 19, 2002

An English 39 year-old artist and writer, Margaret Davies, died of starvation and cold in an uninhabited wilderness in North West England. This is a very strange story. She sounds a very unusual person, too. I suppose it would be inappropriate to call her strange, under the circumstances. Maybe eccentric would be better. The article mentions she spent the summer in Israel, working for the UN, to make some money, before continuing to Nepal.

Isn't it strange? She and I are about the same age, but seem to have nothing in common. I have always lived a very structured life, completely of my own choice, grateful and appreciative of the security and warmth of family life and a steady job. She has gone looking for hardship, danger and solitude.

I suppose I am not a typical Israeli in my decided lack of wanderlust, but then, Bish is the same. On the other hand, my parents have traveled enough for all of us.

So if I regard someone like Margaret Davies as an eccentric it’s probably because most 39 year-olds are like me and not like her. Even if they were more like her when they were younger, traveling around and living on the edge, most have settled down by now. But just because most people live some version of my life, doesn't mean it is better than hers. You may say: Well, you're alive and she isn't. (Tfu tfu tfu! Bite your tongue!) I've got no guarantees that I won't get run over by a bus, on the way to work, tomorrow morning, have I?


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