Tuesday, December 10, 2002

I'm sorry to say I'm the bearer of bad news, today
They've found the body of little Hodaya and arrested the father for the murder. It looks like they suspected him from the start. They said on the radio that they found her with the help of specific information. I heard him crying on the radio this morning. I really didn't want to believe he had anything to do with it, although everyone says he seemed very weird on TV (I didn’t see him). I think I’d look a bit weird on TV too, if my daughter had gone missing. Yesterday on the radio they broadcast the message she left on her mother's answering machine on the morning of her disappearance. A tiny, chirpy voice saying "Boker Tov!" (Good morning)

Can you imagine what the mother is going through?

They're still searching for Nur. They have been investigating family members about the suspicion she was kidnapped as part of a family feud. One family member has even been in police custody for two days, but refuses to cooperate.


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