Saturday, December 21, 2002

An eventful weekend, mainly in Gaza. IDF divided the Gaza Strip into three parts Saturday morning, with roadblocks. This has been done before, and today came following the murder of Rabbi Arameh there, yesterday. A terrorist that infiltrated Morag, a South Gaza settlement was killed, before he could do too much mischief. He managed to injure a soldier, though. R.T., isn’t that near where you did reserve duty in May? A 12 year-old Palestinian girl was killed during a gunfight in Rafiah. Palestinians had been throwing grenades in Rafiah, as well. Palestinians attempted to assassinate a German United Nations official traveling in a diplomatic car near Jenin (Very bright these Palestinians). And the US deported some Palestinians to Gaza, because no one else would have them (Thanks for nothing). And so on and so forth. Nothing out of the ordinary, I know. I usually can’t be bothered to update about these things, but I’ve finished folding the laundry and the dishes are washed, the girls are showered and in bed, schoolbags ready for tomorrow. All this leisure. Lucky me.