Sunday, December 22, 2002

This had me rolling on the floor in hysterics:
Mitzna's campaign staff has decided not to import spin doctors from America, like Bibi, Barak and Sharon. Instead, they have hired two local psychologists to accompany the election campaign from beginning to end. Their job is to figure out the mystery behind the public adulation of Sharon. If he's so good that most people are wild about him and anyone who dares to say a critical word is tarred and feathered, then why is the situation so bad? And if things are so bad, why the love affair with Sharon?

One explanation is that a portion of the public is suffering from shell shock and doesn't believe in changing generals in mid-battle. Mitzna's psychologists will also try to figure out how come most of the people who plan to vote for Sharon can't explain his policies. Maybe these guys will submit an evaluation or two, but to really crack the code and get to the bottom of this insanity, you need more than psychologists. You need psychiatrists.

It’s Yoel Marcus, of course, one of Haaretz’s thickest don’t-get-its.

Many thanks to The Head Heeb for inadvertently supplying me with a free session of laughter therapy.

Well, thank you for thinking I need my head examined, Mr. Mitzna, that will definitely get you my vote.

The arrogance of the man.