Sunday, December 21, 2003

Dragan Antulov of Draxblog fame on comparing the war in Iraq to previous conflicts:

All those comparisons miss one important point. Trying to explain present-day events through past examples represents either intellectual laziness or inability to comprehend them. If someone tries to think of present-day Iraq in terms of Vietnam War or WW2 he/she would have to experience, sooner or later, the very same rude awakening as those military experts in 1914 who had all their expectations of major European conflict based on 1871 experiences. In other words, each conflict is unique and history, contrary to conventional wisdom, doesn't repeat itself, at least not with such detailed precision to allow predictability.

Imshin likes (Especially about the intellectual laziness. I thought I was the intellectually lazy one, or just plain limited, for having no patience for such comparisons). He does, however, see striking similarities with the Boer War, and he elaborates. Veeeery interesting.