Saturday, December 20, 2003

What’s all this then?
A blog called Chez Pim kindly linked to me. I popped over to see who it was and was met with this link to the Yesh Gvul refusenik counter. Now I’ve been following the “refuseniks’ letter” site for ages, and remembered that the count there was somewhere around 570, plus minus. Yesh Gvul, however, according to its counter, claims no less than 1206 signatories. But the Yesh Gvul site lists only 392 names. A quick renewed look at the “refuseniks’ letter” site reveals that they claim 574 refuseniks and they back it up with 574 signatories.

I don’t get it. Where are the missing 814 Yesh Gvul signatories? They can't all be down to backlog.

Maybe it’s their idea of satire.