Saturday, December 20, 2003

I can’t believe you haven’t read any Leibowitz, Diane. Reading about him is nothing like reading him. He was one of the great men of our time, in my extremely humble opinion, and there was far more to him than the things he said about settlers and occupation, that so enraged so many people. But you know that already. Don’t wait, life is too short.

Bish has often said that he would probably still be living a religious life had the Judaism he had experienced at home in any way resembled that of Leibowitz’s. When I was following the weekly Torah portions, I loved his commentary, and I recommend anything he wrote about the Rambam. He's certainly not beyond you, Diane, you must be joking, if I managed to grasp what he was on about, with my humble abilities (Well, sort of. I think).

Oh, and you might try republishing your archives, dear, so people can permalink.