Thursday, December 18, 2003

Oh dear, oh dear
Brave Palestinian freedom fighter, embraced lovingly by compassionate Belgians, rewards his benefactors by robbing them silly, with explosives. Haaretz:

One of the 13 Palestinians deported from the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem in May 2002 was arrested Tuesday in Belgium on suspicion of participating in a number of robberies in which more than $250,000 were stolen. Khalil Mohammed Abdullah al-Nawara received asylum in Belgium following the siege on the church.

Another link, that touchingly describes al-Nawarah as “a football fan and activist in the military group Tanzim-Fatah”, explains that he “was arrested on suspicion of involvement in two bomb attacks carried out on post offices in Brakel and Court-Saint-Etienne in February 2003”. Old habits die hard. Yediot Aharonot (can’t find a link) mentions three details that both sources don’t seem to see as important: a. Prior to his taking refuge in the Church of the Nativity he was wanted by Israel, as a terrorist with blood on his hands, for a number of shooting incidents on the Tunnel Road. b. He was receiving a monthly allowance from the kind people of Belgium (so it wasn’t as if he was starving). c. When arrested, weapons and explosives were found in his possession.

An article about him from August 2002 gives us the real reason he was driven to violent crime: He was lonely. Aaaaaah.

What can I say? Belgium? Would it be very rude of me to say they had it coming?