Monday, December 15, 2003

What an eventful day yesterday was!
Let me see now, American soldiers rescued a poor old man, buried alive in a hole in the ground in Iraq; a firm majority (even firmer after Kevin got rid of some errant votes, it seems) agreed that Not a Fish was most egregiously omitted from the 2003 Wizbang Weblog Awards (YIPPEE!); and, of course, the most important news by far: Harry Potter #5 Hebrew version arrived on our doorstep by special delivery, thank God ( “…but Ima, all my friends are on page 500, at least! When will it get here already?”).

But seriously folks… (By the way, in case you are worried about me, I do realize that the old man down the hole takes precedence, it is a human interest story, after all) I would really really really like to thank you all for voting for me. It was very kind of you to take the time. Really. Big hug and kisses (Virtual hug and kisses. Don’t get your hopes up). I know it’s not important, but it has been such tremendous fun! I haven’t been a candidate for anything that required people to vote for me since I was elected onto the class committee in sixth grade, and that turned out to be disastrous because I had a humungous crush on one of the boys on the committee (I can’t believe my speller just accepted “humungous”). So I was completely useless on the committee because I was far too shy to open my mouth during meetings or in any official capacity. My embarrassment was so acute that I eventually stepped down to save face. Since then I’ve always steered clear of politics and of anything that smelt like potential public humiliation. But just look at me now, promoting myself shamelessly and loving it! Who said blogging was bad for you?

Anyway, we all did exceedingly well, all things considered, even those of us who didn’t get to be first (and no, I don’t accept that those that didn’t come first - lost. They just didn’t come first). It was a very close call for Meryl. I was on shpilkes. A tie is great though, that way two ladies get to be Best Females. Even better.

The good thing is that I no longer have to go vote for everyone every few hours. I was getting a bit fed up. The bad thing is that now I’m going to have to work out what to do with the winner’s logo and html code Kevin’s talking about. And talking about Kevin, let’s all give him a virtual round of applause for all his hard work and helping us have such good fun! And then if you are so inclined, you might like to go over and drop something in his tip jar. Here is the complete list of people who came first in all categories.

Re Harry Potter: Eldest is loving it so far. I have come to the sad conclusion that the reason I wasn’t impressed was because it is, after all, a children’s book, and I am no longer a child; an upsetting discovery for a thirty eight year old.